THREAD is the design studio of Michael Windsor-Ungureanu. We specialise in design for a wide variety of clients from the art and cultural sector. THREAD has produced a wide range of work; including brand identities, art direction, exhibition design & graphics, publishing and website design. For more info email us at:



THREAD creates responsive and research-based designs. With a keen interest in typography and a playful form, our designs aim to collaboratively investigate the subject-matter, and experiment with the medium, to conceptually engage with subject-matter as well as to surprise and delight the viewer.

We are inspired by the content, the design research process and the materials at the core of each project. We seek to create thoughtful, surprising and memorable design solutions that interpret, support and engage with the core subject-matter.



Set up by Michael Windsor-Ungureanu, THREAD is a small design studio based in London UK, that specialises in design for the cultural sector. Michael is a graduate of Central St Martins College of Art and Design, and proceeded to become the senior graphic designer responsible for the Tate galleries in London (Tate Modern and Tate Britain). Subsequently he has also overseen the design for the Soho Theatre in London, and other art world clients in London.

Through THREAD, Michael continues to undertake a wide variety of projects from the cultural sector and other national arts organisations. We seek to provide a clear design process (from concept to production) where design research and a content-led conceptual approach underpin the creative process.